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Super Guys Inc. Why we think our Plans will work…

Because, consistent effort over time usually produces results.

Custom Individual Tailored Solutions: As the world evolves it caters more and more to the individual be it everything from software support to life-change improvements and coaching. 

Our Client List is Growing: There is a growing need which we have identified for tailored software & customer support. In the ever changing digital age many small and one-man operations cannot afford to staff 24 hr professional level software and customer support to their clients.  Much less a dedicated web developer who happens to know how to design and research industry specific paths of least resistance. They also cannot afford to lose even a days revenue from a critical software failure. Imagine the Tailor or Seamstress who operate solely online selling a boutique product. The custom furniture builder or the Social Media Influence Personality who needs to manage a digital portfolio beyond what the platforms are designed to do, but have little or no knowledge about computer programming or how to most cost-effectively distribute their merchandise; stay competitive in a purchase based economy. Imagine the single mother raising her children and pays the bills by running an online language school and needs broadcast support. We imagine a world without limits where entrepreneurs can focus on their business and we can focus on their technology and logistic road blocks.

Scaleability & Cost Effective Solutions: The largest hurdle we see our clients face is scalability.  It is very difficult if not impossible to secure without a location where where companies can grow to fit their needs and still turn a profit. Typical support is not tailored to the specifics of a product. We take the time to learn about your business and understand it from soup to nuts! Then we work with you to implement the right solutions for your operational, logistic, revenue-growth and profit goals.

The Human Factor (people are expensive, and messy):  In order to scale a unique operations of the support nature for example. Lets compare how things were to how they are. In the past you typically turned on your television and watched a fitness program or a cooking show or a news information program, choice was limited. Schedule was restrictive until TIVO came a long, but things have evolved dramatically. Now days people can access these channels of programming with choices and options for schedule and preferred viewing medium increased by many magnitudes.

In times past via A enterprise a TV Station would need to centralize the support, production (Cameras, control and broadcast equipment), talent everything in one place. A huge operation. In modern times that level of professional programming can be pulled off with a fraction of the cost. The number of people, space they require and cost there off is simply not possible for a person who runs a daily gardening, fitness or sewing podcast.

This entrepreneur really needs about limited number of support hours daily to be available when they need them. They need a simple solution that is adaptive and predicts problems before and as they are evolving. We can help.

Constant Adaptations or Dynamic Need Based Evolution

We also help them to avoid “MAJOR PROBLEMS”; often things that we do not understand because it is outside our expertise happen and people freak out. Imagine you are running a video blog and the popular Social Platform you used to broadcast, reach your fans, communicate everything was shut down for some reason.. It happens BTW.

One of our savants who understand their business likely saw the problem approaching on the horizon and recommended to them to expand into other social platforms or migrated them to has prepared “back up” broadcasting or fail safes to ensure their business continues to run.

This is done by analyzing as your needs consistently as we go taking into account everything from the geo-location of your customers by populations location, language, economic factors to materials sourcing, as well as looking at socio-economic factors and requirements that are unique to a particular indsustry or political events which may be affecting your customers in one area. 

When an approaching opportunity for improvement aka a problem is identified we get to work. We preform a gap analysis again looking at things such as some geographical regions will have different needs based on everything from population density to the regions weather and socio-economics. Then a market penetration, operational or logistics plan will be formed, established, tested and executed. 

Savants, Entertainers, Creative and other Boutique human traits and talent while tending to be features of extremely intelligent who we all love and appreciate for these skills which we do not possess but enjoy. Take for example in the case of a savant or autistic person who possess excellent memorization skills, operate generally with precise acuity and is mathematically inclined. They can solve a multitude of societies problems if they can function, but most savants can have a difficult time when it comes to self-management and adhering to a routine because they can be overwhelmed from sensory input and the world looses the benefit of this person… What could have been invented or created by the person who knew the solution to air pollution or free energy but couldn’t interact with other humans in a “normal” way.

Someone who understands this and works around this persons unique needs and is able to create for them an environment where they can focus, you get a whole different set of results.

Often tasks which require their unique ability seem mundane or undeserving of their talent and they lack motivation as a result of this failing to see the relevance of the work they are preforming they don’t share the answer.  If someone is able to guide them and show them why, then it becomes a passion.

In a traditional office environment where they are given the safety of their offices to create and be free of any problems from the outside world these people solve a wide range of technical, aesthetic, logistic and both customer and software support. As the world moves away from the office we move towards it because by centralizing a core of differently talented persons with unique technological and client support service backgrounds expertise we are able to cost effectively do what we do.

From software to hardware, back end to UX, and all the bytes and bits in between our uniquely talented associates solve on a daily basis everything from the most intimate issues geared for the individual to the most obvious and necessary benefits required for the continuation of all society.

in Closing… The evolution of support is becoming tailored to individual needs.  The entire way we think about how our unique individual needs for technology from the positions of person, of companies and of society are changing every day you need to evolve with local customization and influences. ~DPR

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Hello World! We are Super Guys Inc. & We are here to Solve Problems:

•Our story continues with our two investors D & M. A combined 42 years of experience between them; 22 and 20 years respectively in the field of business development and the operation of information technology enterprises all scales and sizes.  From as few as one-man operations to software provider serving millions of customers per hour.  Both men are extremely intelligent. Sometimes a bit too smart for their own good really… They think alike almost exactly to the nuance, but could not be more different in their approach.

Doug is charismatic (some say flamboyant), classy and graceful as he moves   like a cat calculating its course. Douglas will definitely leave a lasting   impression, at times appearing absolutely chaotic thirsting for knowledge or data on a particular subject you cannot feed him information fast enough then sitting quietly as he ponders all that was absorbed..

He plans then exercises causation as he is extremely conservative and reserved in his decision making. Calculating every variable down the movement of the iris when someone speaks their verbs versus the pronouns.  He is watching for the eyelash that moves or the twitch the finger makes every time his prey starts a sentence that is not true…

As you will see from his financial portfolio   he is on the slow and         steady track to a comfortable retirement with assets eventually in the millions geared at giving him a continued quality/standard of living until his passing; when he will be able to leave a legacy for his family and loved ones. He doesn’t like too much RISK or taking on anything he knows he cannon master and eventually dominate the in arena until it is no longer fun for anyone else to compete. 

•Markus – is the quiet guy who does not ever impose. He is polite and well mannered, to the idiot that is. What I see is a lion circling the feeding grounds at trade shows and exhibitions. He is cornering his prey and what seems like odd, bold, even strange risks are actually calculated well-timed market attack strategies which always land him and his partners on top.  That said, if there is a new experience to be had he is all over it jumping in feet first and ready to swim. 

Doug prefers to watch and see how everyone else does it first. He is happy to go last and perform said task eloquently and effortlessly because the work for him was done in observing.  For Markus the prize is and was in going first and surviving.  The trail blazer meets the trail paver.  Their combine efforts typically see exponential revenue and profit growth.

•They both are both family   men and believe in team work, compartmentalization of experience and creating an environment where people can succeed by having most of their personal obstacles and roadblocks removed. Once this is achieved you see who someone really is.  They either achieve a path to the stars or find a road to hell.  Every single human being is given the opportunity to be great at least once. Nearly all of us miss ours.